#ARC #Review: Love Another Day by Lexi Blake



I CAN'T HELP IT. Write a big, burly hero like Brody, give him a squishy little baby, and I'M YOUR SLAVE. I am in no way ready for kids nor do I even like kids one-third of the time, but slap a baby in a book, and I'm DEAD. You own my heart forever. HAHAHA. Okay, I'll stop being melodramatic now.

Love Another Day by Lexi Blake was EVERYTHING. Sexy, heartfelt, sweet, and hilarious with a dash of suspense thrown in for good measure! (Granted, this installment of the Masters and Mercenaries series wasn't as much of a thrill as the previous books in the series, but it was still a very entreating and thrilling read.)

Both Steph and Brody had moments where I wanted shake them and smack them upside the head, but they're ultimately a lovely couple and an adorable family unit with their little chubster (Nate), and their journey to an HEA was everything I hoped for it to be. I loved seeing more of Liam and Avery again, AND IAN, MY BAE. Big Tag holds this series together, and I just freaking love him so much. I am so super intrigued by Kayla's story. Like *gimmiegimmie* PLEASE don't make me wait!


Bridget O'Toole