#Review: Roommate Romance by Maggie Riley

About Roommate Romance:1rrcover Falling in love is not on Allison Lawson's to do list. As a professional stage manager, she's got a plan for everything - and she doesn't like surprises. So when she shows up at the apartment she's subletting, the last thing she's expecting is a roommate. Especially a tall, hunky one.

Shane Garrett is back in Brooklyn. After his parents died five years ago, he moved upstate to take care of his younger sister. But now she's off at college, and he's ready to return to the bachelor life he used to have: living on his own, a fridge full of beer, and a new girl every night. But that didn't include a surprise appearance of a sexy brunette in his shower. He hadn't even taken her out to dinner yet.

Now Allie and Shane are sharing a one bedroom apartment - and bedroom eyes. Neither can deny the sparks that are flying between the two of them, but a relationship is not on Allie's agenda. Can Shane convince Allie that you can't plan for love?


Roommate Romance by Maggie Riley took everything I love about romance, everything I love about New York, and then rolled it all into one great book! Allie is my kind of heroine. She’s neurotically obsessed with making her life into a series of lists where she can check off each item as she completes them (who isn’t?!); she has a never-ending desire for a New York bagel (who doesn’t?!); and she dreams of becoming a broadway stage manager (why didn’t I think to do this?!). Now Shane, he’s a hero that surprised me, but oh boy, he was such a good surprise! I think I was expecting Shane to read as a hero I have read before. A hero-type that’s typical of the NA genre, but I genuinely loved Shane. He’s a paradox. He’s sweet yet incredibly sexy. Like drop your panties to floor, do me on your carpentry table sexy. But seriously, he’s so sweet, too. The adorable way he is with is sister had me swooning, and I love his reactions to Allie and her lists. SO SWEET AND CUTE AND I WANT TO CUDDLE HIM AND LICK HIM AT THE SAME TIME.

I also really appreciated the dynamic, fledgling friendship between Allie, Reagan, and Joanna. They’re three totally different women, but they just work together, and I love them. I REALLY, REALLY hope that Reagan and Allie’s brother, Brian, get their own story!! And Joanna, I need to know what’s up with her–I need to know like yesterday because I'm already in love with this gang! If you love a (mostly) light-hearted contemporary new adult romance, I highly recommend Roommate Romance by Maggie Riley!

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