#ARCReview: Maybe This Kiss by Jennifer Snow

maybe-this-kissAbout Maybe This Kiss:

Love is always worth the risk . . . 

Neil Healy was happy to be promoted to Air Force Lieutenant, but he's less than thrilled that the new job has brought him back to his hometown. The memories alone could kill a man, to say nothing of actually seeing the woman he never got over. Neil knew avoiding Becky Westmore would be impossible, but he didn't expect the chemistry between them to be as strong as ever.

All Becky wants this holiday season is to get through the month of December with her sanity intact. Not helping? Her ex-boyfriend's return to Glenwood Falls. Even after a decade apart, Neil still makes her feel in ways no other man has. But Christmas is a time for miracles, and maybe Becky's will be a second chance at first love.


Maybe This Kiss by Jennifer Snow started off strong for me, fizzled in the middle, picked up towards the end, and then the actual ending came out of nowhere for me, which left me feeling unsatisfied.

The start: Neil and Becky are in for an epic reunion! The set up of this second chance romance/reunited lovers is fantastic. I can really feel the depth of Neil and Becky's pain and passion. I also love hockey, so the fact that Becky's family is a hockey family is great.

The middle: The readers start to learn more of what caused the two to break up and what their lives were like during this time apart, and I honestly could not stand Becky at this point. I couldn't stand her because I couldn't understand her or her choices. NOT AT ALL. We just didn't click.

The almost end: Neil and Becky give in to each other, and I love it! Finally, soulmates are reunited! Becky's brothers giving Neil a hard time was cute, and Neil spending time with Becky's daughter was even cuter.

The end: It felt abrupt. I felt like I needed one more scene where Neil joined Becky and her family INSIDE the home--not just on the front porch. I get it. They forgive each other, open up their hearts to the risk of love again, but I wanted to see the new family unit one more time. What was Taylor's reaction to Neil showing up? I only ask because Taylor was questioning if he was coming to the holiday dinner, so....

Overall, there was enough to like about the story, but I didn't love it. However, I am giving the rest of the series a shot because I enjoyed Becky's brothers, and I want to read their full-length stories. Maybe I'll get to see more of Neil, Becky, and Taylor, too, and therefore feel a bit better about the ending of this first book! *fingers crossed*

*I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley*