#ARC #Review: Only You by Denise Grover Swank

29246615I am a huge fan of Denise Grover Swank's new adult series, Off the Subject, but this was my first foray into one of her adult series. The Bachelor Brotherhood series is a spinoff series--so you may have met some of these characters in her The Wedding Pact series, but this was my first time meeting them. I did sort of feel like I missed something by not reading The Wedding Pact series first, but Only You is still very much a standalone and is easy to follow. For me, it was more a matter of missing out on the growth of previous characters and missing out on their journey to a HEA. So, I will definitely be going back to read the The Wedding Pact series.

But I digress.

Only You is a highly enjoyable read! Kevin Vandemeer is our hero and Holly Greenwood is our heroine--both of whom have sworn off relationships. Kevin is tired of have to deal with crazy (like clown-obsessed crazy) girlfriends, and Holly feels the need to focus on her career and make a name for herself in the wedding planning business. So when Kevin and Holly become neighbors, they're surprised by their instant attraction to one another. But what's even more of a surprise to them both is that Kevin's mother happens to be Holly's boss. Talk about an obstacle--especially considering the impossibly high standards Mrs. Vandemeer appears to have.

I loved the little moments in this story! Every endearingly awkward encounter (the first time they meet each other, when Holly gets locked out, when the water won't shut off, etc.) had me swooning and laughing. Kevin was sweet and sexy, and I was able to relate to Holly on multiple levels. She's smart, determined, and real. The relationship between Kevin and his sister, Megan, was cute. They really fed off of each other's banter, and I found Megan's "cupid" antics amusing.

Nicole Vandemeer, Kevin's mother and Holly's boss, is an intriguing character. She is part of the reason I want to go back and read The Wedding Pact series. By the end of Only You, Nicole Vandemeer is seen in a totally different light. Therefore, I am curious about her character growth in Megan's story (if she was even in it).

I really liked Only You, but in a way, I felt like it dragged a bit in the middle. Nothing was really happening but the same push and pull between Kevin and Holly, which really didn't provide the amount of tension I felt was needed. Nonetheless, Only You is a light read that will leave you all warm and fuzzy in the end. I'm excited for Matt and Tyler's stories, and I really hope Melanie ends up with one of them!