#ARC #Review: Dominance Never Dies by Lexi Blake

DominanceNeverDies_highresWell why don't you just pull my heart out and endlessly stomp on it?! Dominance Never Dies broke my heart over and over again, but Lexi Blake also put the pieces back together just right. Dominance Never Dies is the 11th book in the Masters and Mercenaries series. It is also only the second book I have read in this series (the first was actually only a novella). And I have to say, I am totally hooked! Despite me jumping in with book 11, I never felt lost. The story line was pretty seamless and easy to follow. However, I can tell you that once you meet all of the great couples and families involved with this series, you will want to go back and read about their stories. I know I do!

Dominance Never Dies follows a rollercoaster of a romance between Case Taggart and Mia Danvers. They had my head turning all over the place (in a good way) and had me asking myself, "Which alpha will come out on top?" Because Case and Mia are definitely alphas in their own right. The only difference is that Mia will gladly give Case control in the bedroom. She's the sub to his Dom. I loved Mia--she kicks some series butt. She is tenacious, strong, and big-hearted. And Case, his dirty talk is top-notch! Admittedly, he can be a bit of a bone head at times, but then again, he's a Taggart man. It would be crazy if he didn't go a little stupid over his woman. Ultimately, his heart is just as big as Mia.

Whenever Case and Mia went toe-to-toe, I was giddy because the chemistry was so mesmerizing. They challenged each other to do better, be better, and to trust one another. I was constantly screaming in my head, "YES, YOU AMAZING BABES BELONG TOGETHER. GET IT."

Anyways, this story wasn't all sunshine and sex (lol), and it was never really about which alpha would come out on top. It was about how Case and Mia would come together despite many obstacles, challenges, and self-sabotage. And boy oh boy did they have a lot coming at them. Case's twin brother, Theo, went missing in action, and Mia wants nothing more than to help reunite Case with his brother. Together, they embark on a mission to find and rescue Theo. With kidnappings, experimental drugs, sociopaths, and more--readers will find themselves on an emotional, intense, action-packed journey.

Again, Dominance Never Dies tore up my heart and caused me to cry tears of pain, but it also pieced my heart back together and had my eyes overfilling with tears of joy. I loved this book, and I cannot get enough of the Masters and Mercenaries series! My book hangover is still going strong after this one.