#ARC #Review: The Girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux

26067192Publisher: Ballantine Books Release Date: May 3, 2016

Series: Summer Hill #1

Pages: 383 (Hardcover)

As soon as I saw the cover for The Girl from Summer Hill, I HAD to read it. The cover is so lively and cheery--I could not resist. And then, as soon as I started reading the book, I saw that it was a modern day twist on Pride and Prejudice. Upon this discovery, I may or may not have done a happy dance around my room... Any book inspired by Pride and Prejudice instantly grabs my attention because it follows a plot that cannot fail (in my opinion anyways).

The Girl from Summer Hill follows the romance between Casey Reddick, a fiery chef dedicated to her work, and Tate Landers, a brooding Hollywood actor who tries to keep everyone at a distance. Somehow, the two get roped into starring as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in Summer Hill's production of Pride and Prejudice, and their real lives mimic the lives of their characters. It's the typical woman hates man because of another man's lies story.

If you can look past her stubbornness, Casey is pretty great! She's sassy, smart, a little bit awkward, and she makes yummy pies. And Tate is definitely more than meets the eye. Considering his career choice, you can understand his need to hold himself apart and protect his privacy. But not to worry, once Casey gets under his skin, you are treated to a whole new Tate. He is charming (the relationship he has with his niece is adorable!) and funny. Casey and Tate bring out each other's playful sides, and it was really fun to watch them fall in love and cuddle up (or should I say heat it up? cause the sexual tension is "omg I need a bucket of ice thrown on me" hot) in the old little cottage.

This story's Mr. Wickham goes by Devlin, and he is Tate's ex-brother-in-law. The fact that Tate's sister (this story's Georgiana) is a grown adult with an ex-husband and a daughter was an unexpected twist--unexpected, but completely great. I liked that it kept me guessing as to what was so horrible that Devlin did. I liked that it pulled a bit away from the original tale in that aspect.

The remaining cast of characters is a lively bunch, and I'm anxious to see what the next book in the trilogy brings. Overall, The Girl from Summer Hill will have you wishing you could smack some characters upside the head while, but when you're not imagining bodily harm, you will be snickering and swooning!