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Jill Shalvis is one of my all time favorite authors. I automatically buy any of her titles. You just can't beat her sassy heroines, hunky heroes, humor, and love for animals. So, it's probably no surprise that I absolutely LOVED Nobody But You. I would even go so far as to say it's my favorite Jill Shalvis book, yet! As soon as I finished My Kind of Wonderful, the previous book in the series, I was like, "OH MY GOD! WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME WITH THAT GLORIOUS SNEAK PEEK AT JACOB AND SOPHIE?? WHY?!"

That excerpt was everything. Why? 1) It teased me with Jacob and Sophie's hysterical meet cute. It's literally laugh-out-loud funny and the hero and heroine's personalities are quickly established. 2) It killed me when I thought Jacob and Hudson (estranged identical twins) were coming face-t0-face for the first time in years. But then the excerpt just stopped. WHYYYYY? Why must you make me wait months for this epic reunion to happen?

Well, lucky for me, I was given the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Jacob and Sophie's story! When I received my copy, that was probably the happiest day of my life (just ask my sister who received many all caps text messages with lots of exclamation points). Anyways, I'll stop my fangirling for a moment to tell you a little more about the story.

Nobody But You is the third book in the Cedar Ridge series, and unlike some of Jill Shalvis' other novels, I would not consider Nobody But You a standalone. In order to experience the full spectrum of emotion that the characters go through, the series should be read in order with great enthusiasm and some tissues on hand!

In what appears to be the final installment, the MIA brother and hometown hunky hero returns home to Cedar Ridge, Colorado. Jacob Kincaid is an Army Special Forces officer, and after an overseas mission goes wrong, he heads home on temporary leave in the hopes that he can make things right with his family--a family that he so coldly abandoned when he was just 18. At least, that's how he sees it.

And yes, the way he turned his back on his family--especially on his twin brother--was a little cold, but when you know the circumstances surrounding the action, you see that the decision was one made in anger, hurt, and plain old immaturity. I truly felt for Jacob and Hudson because being a twin myself, I understand the bond that they once I had. I can empathize with their pain. BUT that does not mean that I didn't want to kick them and shake them a time or two. I just wanted to yell, "TALK TO EACH YOU BIG BONE-HEADED IDIOTS!! You're brothers, you love each other, and you're both sorry. SO TALK." It took them a while to make it there, but luckily they had some fabulous and nosey family members and females rooting for them.

I was very appreciative of the fact that Nobody But You was not the same as every other war hero returning home story. I mean, of course the Jacob of today is not without his demons. But the story focuses more on the demons of the Kincaid family--not Jacob's wartime nightmares. Family-centric stories are the best! We see a whole new side of Kenna in this story, which I loved. Her romance played out along side Jacob's, and it was pretty cute. But what was even more cute was her relationship with Jacob, which is just as special as the relationship between Jacob and Hudson. I loved that she was pushing for Jacob and Sophie the whole time because so was I! They are seriously the greatest couple.

Sophie is a spitfire. She's badass. She is fierce, strong, and super sassy. But she wasn't always that way. She had a rough childhood and an even rougher marriage. Good thing she divorced the jerk and took his boat out from under him! With her new found freedom, she's working to find herself. She is determined to learn who she is without a man controlling her. So, when she meets Jacob, she's definitely trying to push him away at first. But the oh-so-sexy man is hard to resist.

Jacob is Sophie's exact opposite. He is quiet, calm, and extremely dominant. But together, they click--on an emotional and physical level. Sophie breathes life back into Jacob. Really, they breathe life back into each other. They make each other laugh and smile while simultaneously making their lust meters (is that a thing? lol) skyrocket. Their witty banter never failed to make smile, and I will seriously be swooning over Jacob for the duration.

If I was asked to say what disappointed me about this book, I would probably say that I wish Bailey was more present. She's the one family member I felt I didn't get enough of this time around. In my opinion, the FaceTime call came a little too late for it to be satisfying enough. I guess I just expected Bailey to have a bigger role in bringing Hudson and Jacob to a reconciliation--even if it was smacking them both upside their heads.

But, asking for more Bailey is like me wanting my cake when I already have donuts, cupcakes, and cookies. It's just silly because this book is already so spectacular. Nobody But You features a spunky set of characters, an enormous amount of heart, and a whole lot of swoon. Highly recommend!

When Jacob was injured in the war, it changed him for life. Now all he wants to do is come home to Cedar Ridge, settle in at his lakeside cabin and get some much-needed peace and quiet. But there's no peace to be had when he finds a spitfire of a woman camping out on his property. Half the time he's not sure whether he wants to spank her or kiss--or maybe both. He's in a dark place and a dark mood, and here's this wildly hot woman who is also funny and light and may be the balm be needs to soothe his aching soul.
Sophie Marren is pretty much penniless after leaving her abusive husband. She doesn't have the money to pay rent or the slip fees for docking the boat where she's been sleeping. She was getting along just perfectly until the good-looking, brooding, I'm-too-sexy-for-myself guy moves into the lake cabin that the slip belongs to. Sure he's hot as the noon sun with those dark lens and even darker 'tude, but god forbid she tie herself to another man who's always telling her what to do. But the more she gets to know Jacob, the more she sees how willing he is to battle for her wounded heart...a battle she might just let him win.

 Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read an advanced digital copy of Nobody But You in exchange for an honest review.  

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