#Review: A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands

38568Publisher: Avon Release Date: 01/01/2005

Series: Argeneau #1

Pages: 260

Recently, I've been in a contemporary romance reading slump, so I've been diving into paranormal romances instead, and the Argeneau series was brought to my attention via an Avon newsletter. I was interested in one of the newer titles in the series, but I decided to go back and start with the first book in the series. I was excited because as a whole, the series seems to be well praised. And the synopsis of the first book, A Quick Bite, is intriguing and offers a unique story line for a vampire read. But, while I didn't hate the book, I did find myself disappointed with it.

A Quick Bite introduces us to the Argeneau family, but the focus is on Lissianna Argeneau, a hundreds of years old vampire who tends to faint at the sight of blood. Like, how awesome is that? Here we have a vampire--a species that needs blood in order to survive---that can't stand even seeing the tiniest drop of blood. How does she combat that? How is she surviving? It's actually quite a humorous set up, and I thoroughly enjoy the idea of a vampire who is afraid of blood.

In an effort to help Lissianna overcome her fear, her mother kidnaps Dr. Gregory Hewitt--a doctor who specializes in phobias--to give to Lissianna as a birthday present. The only thing is, Lissianna doesn't realize that the hot guy tied to her bed is a birthday present that is NOT there for her tasting pleasure. Who can blame her for wanting to take a quick bite from Greg's delicious-looking neck? Once she finds out that Greg is there to help her overcome her phobia, Lissianna is in shock. Did she just accidentally seduce her doctor? Ummm...yeah. And she's also in shock that Greg isn't calm and serene like the people her mother normally compels to bring home. He's very much aware of the fact that he's been kidnapped, and he's not okay with it--even if there is a sexy, vixen vampire offering him more passion than he's ever felt before.

Lissianna feels so bad about what her mother has done, that she helps Greg escape and takes him back to his home. Yet, somehow, they keep finding themselves together again. Because now Lissianna must protect Greg from her uncle who has the power to turn his brain to mush.

I was honestly so disappointed in the direction this story went. It became more about protecting Greg from a threat that ultimately wasn't a real threat--a threat that distracted them from the real threat, which was so obvious to me as a reader that I couldn't understand how Lissianna was missing it. She wasn't very intelligent. And Lissianna's phobia was forgotten for a big part of the story, and when it was addressed, it was addressed in a poor and uneventful way. I guess I was just expecting that to be a bigger part of the story, and I don't know...I just wasn't excited by this read. Sure, the sexual chemistry was there, but I was off-put by what felt like a case of insta-love. Furthermore, I felt like Greg's feelings toward having to leave his family if he wanted to be with Lissianna were not complex enough and not realistic. I mean, I know I'm reading a paranormal romance--I don't expect it to be realistic, but I do expect it try to aim for some sense of relatability.

The writing was just sub-par, and I did find it difficult to keep all of the cousins straight at times. But I will say that I will eventually continue with this series. Lissianna's brothers and Thomas intrigued me, and I have a feeling that the writing and storylines will improve. Maybe I'll even grow to like Lissianna and Greg as I get to know them more. I guess we will see!