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You're Still the One -coverAbout YOU’RE STILL THE ONE:

Love is one dare neither of them can take… Arabella Stone, Nashville’s darling, is eager to shuck her prim-and-proper rep, and a few wild months spent checking items off her ” summer bucket list” is the way to do it. First up: kiss the man she’s crushed on since she wore a training bra, the bad boy of country himself, Blue bassist Charlie Tucker.

For Charlie, a beautiful woman flirting with him isn’t out of the norm–but a beautiful woman bolting after the hottest kiss of his life sure is. And when he finds out his kiss-and-run Cinderella is none other than Arabella Stone, daughter of his label’s CEO, he knows he’s in trouble. Because not only is she a Stone, she’s also his employee for the next few months at the recording studio he just bought.

Over the course of one thrilling summer, Arabella and Charlie chip away at her bucket list and fight the simmering attraction between them…knowing that once it’s all over, so is their time together.

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My Review:

Thanks to the publisher, Netgalley, and Inkslinger PR for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

When I signed up for this review tour, I had no idea that I would be revisiting Magnolia Springs/the Robicheaux family/Blue in You're Still the One, but I'm so happy that that was the case! All I ever know is that I have to pick up any Rachel Harris book--no matter that I don't know what it's about.

If you read Rachel Harris' Love and Games Series, then you may remember our hero, Charlie Tucker--band mate and best friend to country singer Tyler Blue. Charlie definitely caught my attention in Accidentally Married on Purpose, and he kept my attention in You're Still the One. BUT I think the reason I loved this book so much had more to do with the heroine than anything else.

You see, Arabella Stone is Nashville's darling. Her father is the owner of a big record label--the record label that Blue is signed to. She met Charlie Tucker when she was just an awkward tween and her mega-crush on him started at first sight. But he never treated her as anything but a little sister--and really, it was a politely distant relationship as opposed to a close familial relationship.

Now, at 22, she's on a mission to be something more than Nashville's prim-and-proper darling. She wants an identity separate from her father--none of that nepotism stuff! I LOVED this about her. I'm around the same age as Arabella (Ella), and I can totally understand her need for true and fair independence. The way she decides to go about gaining that independence? Interning for a record label that is NOT her fathers and that is not even in the same state as her father. So, not only is she attempting to pave her own way professionally, but she's separating herself from all she's ever known in an attempt to find herself. And what better way to find yourself than completing a summer bucket list away from the protective eyes of your father?

First up on the list? Kiss uber hot Blue bassist Charlie Tucker. That would be first on my list, too, because Charlie is more than just smokin' hot--he's a big, fat sweetheart. Anyways, we will get to Charlie in a minute. I want to finish talking about Arabella's top ten bucket list first, which is absolutely PERFECT and so fun. Charlie doesn't recognize the all the grown-up Arabella--so it's not all that hard for her to get him to kiss her (and it is one SEXY kiss). List item number one: check! When she tells Charlie about the rest of her list, I was like YES GIRL, YES! Her list was about HER. She wanted to do things for herself, and no one else. I was honestly so scared that the last item on her list was going to be something cliche like "lose my virginity." I've read so many books where that was the case, and I'm just so over it. So, I was so happy and cheesin' so hard when that was not the case. I don't want to spoil it--so just know that it's a good goal and something every woman should consider adding to whatever list they have going.

Now, Charlie....*sigh* He's not the bad boy everyone makes him out to be--at least he doesn't want to be. He's vowed to clean up his reputation. He can't afford to mess up if he wants his new program for teens with depression to be taken seriously. I really admired Charlie's passion for this program. It was so clear how much he loved his niece and how much he wanted to help others that are experiencing the same situation as her.

So...kissing the boss' daughter probably wasn't the best way for him to keep his reputation clean and to get this program off the ground and running. But poor Charlie. He didn't know he was kissing his boss' daughter, and to make matters worse, he finds out her true identity when he's introduced to her as her new boss for the summer intern program. I mean, What a set up! They're both surprised to see each other, and Charlie is determined to keep their relationship platonic, but how can he forget the feeling of Arabella's sweet lips? He can't. He's helping her check off items on her bucket list, she's helping him make the teen depression program successful, and soon, the attraction between them becomes impossible to fight. Will they be able to forgive and forget when they need to? Or are their circumstances just too much to overcome? You'll have to read it and find out for yourself!

Ultimately, Arabella may be bit awkward, but she's also sweet, strong and brave. Charlie--he's so protective, caring, and fun. Together (with great familiar and new secondary characters), Arabella and Charlie create a funny (seriously, that bathroom scene, HAH!), hot, and adorable love story. The pace is on point, it's well written, and I can go on and on, but I'll just conclude with this: I highly  recommend adding You're Still the One to your TBR list stat!

Thank you Rachel Harris, for such a great read! I can't wait for Deacon and Hannah's story!!



“So you’re impartial?”

He sat back and stared into her eyes. “No. But I won’t tell if you won’t.”

The line between fantasy and reality disappeared. Arabella no longer knew which way was up, which way was down, and which way led back to the bathroom, so they could get on with checking that last activity from her list. The only thing she was sure of was her best friend’s panicked face suddenly appearing beyond Charlie’s shoulder, silently communicating with wild eyes and unsubtle gestures.

The mythical clock marking Ella’s fairy tale had struck midnight. Her father had arrived.

Ella whimpered, feeling everything she’d ever wanted or dreamed about float away. She wanted to stay, wanted to see where the night could lead, but reality wouldn’t wait any longer. Placing a hand on Charlie’s chest, she exhaled her frustration and reluctantly pushed to her feet.

His hand shot out to snare her wrist.

“Charlie…” She shook her head. The next time she saw him things would be different. He’d know who she was and would be angry with her for keeping her it a secret. Either that or he’d pity her, which would be infinitely worse.

On second thought…

If this was her only chance, maybe there was time to steal one last memory.

Curving her free hand against his cheek, Ella slowly pressed forward, her heartbeat flitting like a hummingbird. She hesitated only a second, telling herself to savor the moment, then tentatively brushed her lips across his firm mouth.

Once, twice, three times, she hovered there, lingering and breathing in the intoxicating scent of soap, aftershave, and Charlie Tucker. It didn’t quite curl her toes, but holy moly did it leave her weak in the knees. He came alive under her mouth, tugging on her bottom lip and licking the seam of her lips, asking for entrance, and when he tightened his grip around her wrist to yank her closer, by God, she was tempted.

For the briefest second, Ella imagined what it would be like to let go. To throw caution to the wind, let him pull her into his lap, and feel what it was like to be wanted. But then, that was the thing…Charlie didn’t want her. He wanted the nameless woman who followed strange men into bathrooms. How could he want her when he didn’t even know who she was?


Rachel Harris - Author photoAbout Rachel Harris:

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Vibrant settings, witty banter, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing.

An admitted Diet Mountain Dew addict and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!