#Review: Neighbors with Benefits by Marissa Clarke

25644427Publisher: Lovestruck, an Entangled Publishing imprint Release Date: 06/30/2015

Series: Anderson Brothers #2

Pages: 225

So...I definitely read the Anderson Brothers series out of order. I mean, technically each book can be read as a standalone, but once I read the third one, I HAD to go back and read the first two. Why? Because this series is so good and so funny! This review will focus on Neighbors with Benefits, which is definitely my favorite of the bunch only because I found it especially hilarious--like laugh-out-loud hilarious. (Sleeping with the Boss is more sweet while Chance of a Lifetime is unique and sexy.)

Neighbors with Benefits wiggled it's way into my heart. I mean, COME ON, Michael and Mia's meet cute was perfect and soooo funny. You see, Michael Anderson is CEO of the family business and being so, he's a bit of a control freak. An uber sexy control freak who has a difficult time dealing with emotion. Mia, on the other hand, is his exact opposite. She's a free-spirited artist who thrives on chaos and emotion.

When Michael officially meets Mia face to face, he's already on edge. His therapist thought that dogsitting would help Michael loosen the reigns a little and help him learn to feel for something other than work. The only thing is, Michael and this froufrou dog, Clancy (the cutest little devil ever), have a mutual hatred of one another. Clancy terrorizes Michael by destroying his apartment--so he has already about reached his limit when Mia starts blaring music in the apartment next door in expectation of Michael having a "loud" date over. To make matters worse, the smoke detector in the apartment she's house sitting at starts to blare loudly as well. And really, it's just a sh*t show. A hilarious and fantastic sh*t show.

After having to deal with this noise day in and day out, Michael's about had it and calls building security to complain about it for the thousandth time. And Mia ends up being fired from her housesitting duty, and somehow, Mia and Michael end up engaged and living together. LOL WAIT WHAT?! These two are total opposites, can't stand each other, and they're engaged and living together??? YES. It's the perfect set up.

I'm a big fan of the fake relationship trope, so basically, there was never a chance of me not liking this. And I like enemies to lovers, too, which this is definitely that. The sexy times are super hot. Like who else wants to do it in a closet now? Just for kicks? And can we just say "AWWWWW" to that adorably cute make up scene at the end? Epically cute. The make up would probably be my favorite part of the whole story if it weren't for the brothers.

The relationship between the three brothers is great--probably my favorite aspect of this series. You can tell the brothers care about each other, but of course, they are brothers so they like to give each other a hard time. When Michael and Will were teasing Chance about his love life and retelling bits of their own love stories, I was like "Oh my gosh, I gotta go read these guys' stories!" And I wasn't let down. NOT AT ALL. I love that throughout the series, the brothers and their gals remain a part of the story. We often hear about past couples in book series, but it's almost always something like a minor mention in a conversation, a thought in the MC's head, or no mention at all. In this series, you very much get to "see" them in the flesh. They're great and well thought out secondary characters. How Michael interacts with one brother may be different from how he acts with the other, and I like to see that--the different facets of his personality.

Throughout this crazy adventure, Michael and Mia provide readers with laughs and all of the feels. Is it over-the-top, slapstick/screwball funny? Maybe for some, but that's my favorite type of funny. And you know, it does have depth, too. Readers really do get to witness the characters grow as individuals and as a couple. They are more than what they seem to be on the surface. They have reasons for being the way they are. They're perfect for each other. They challenge each other while also balancing each other. Isn't this what's important? If a character doesn't grow or change, then what type of story is it? Probably not a good one.

Definitely recommend this series, and check back for a review of Chance of a Lifetime, which is coming soon!