#Review: Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

24804505Publisher: Entangled Teen Release Date: 11/03/2015

Series: Forget Tomorrow #1

Pages: 400

Forget Tomorrow's premise is quite intriguing. Here you have a world where on each individual's seventeenth birthday, they are sent a memory from their future self. A memory meant to determine one's destiny. Which on the one hand--if you ask me--this sounds kind of nice. It gives you something solid to strive for--there is a plan to follow. But on the other hand, it's kind of terrifying. Even though the memory is coming from your future self, I imagine it still feels like your freedom to choose is taken from you.

It seemed especially terrifying in Callie's case.

Callie, like everyone else, is eagerly awaiting her seventeenth birthday. She's anxious to see what her future brings. Who will Callie be?  The options are endless, but Callie really only sees one option in her future. She hopes to become an old-school chef. I say old-school because in this world, they have all kinds of machines to do cooking and other things for them. Anyways, poor Callie. A CRIMINAL!! is a far cry from chef.

I have to hand it to Callie--her future memory is a vision of her murdering her gifted younger sister--and while I would have been flipping the freak out, she remains relatively calm. But I guess she has to no choice but to remain outwardly calm if she wants to survive in a world that wants to immediately lock her up in jail. Crazy, right? She hasn't even committed the crime, yet. Can't they give her a chance to change her future??? No. Callie doesn't even give herself a chance to change her future--not at first anyways. She actually turns herself in to Limbo (prison) out of fear of her memory coming to fruition.

The relationship between Callie and her little sister, Jessa, is sweet. They're best friends despite the age difference, and Callie is always looking out for Jessa because of her secret physic ability. Which is why Callie's future memory comes as such a shock. How can Callie hurt someone she has vowed to always protect? Will Callie be able to save Jessa? Because it appears that Jessa's biggest threat is Callie herself.

Luckily, Callie has Logan at her back. (Not that she needs Logan because Callie is pretty amazing in her strength and determination.) Logan was Callie's childhood friend and crush--the childhood friend and crush that she hasn't talked to for five years. So, you can probably imagine Callie's surprise when Logan arrives to help her escape from Limbo.

I liked Logan. I liked the mystery surrounding his situation with Callie. Like why--after five years with no communication--are you helping this girl escape from prison? What did you see in your future memory that made you seek Callie out? I'll let you all find that out for yourselves when you buy this book for yourselves!

Ultimately, Callie and Logan are on the run from the government (well, Callie is--they don't know Logan is helping her). Logan takes her to a safe community that brings up all types of questions for Callie. Who are these people? How long has this place existed? What is Logan's connection? Think Hunger Games District 13. It's a similar-ish situation.

Anyways, while spending time in this community, Logan and Callie begin to bond. First as friends, but then as more. Their romance is really sweet and innocent. They genuinely care about each other, which I liked. Also, there are some really good secondary characters (like Logan's brother) whom I except to see more of in the future.

I really enjoyed the plot. The first third of the book felt a little slow to me, but I never felt the need to put it down. I wanted to keep reading. AND OH BOY. Major bombshell dropped in the end that I did NOT see coming. I had to lift my jaw up off the floor it was hanging so low. Like, way to go, Pintip Dunn! You got me, girl. You got me.

If you love YA dystopian reads, then you're going to want to read Forget Tomorrow. And when you finish it, we can talk about how absolutely insane (in a good way) it is that the second book, Remember Yesterday, is going to be from the POV of sixteen-year-old Jessa. LIKE WHAT? Another jaw-dropping moment from Pintip Dunn. Too bad we have to wait until October for Remember Yesterday. *cries*