My (really late) 2016 Resolutions

Hi y'all! January was an unexpectedly crazy month for me. I was lacking in time and also motivation, but I was recently inspired to do better--better at everything I'm doing. And everything includes this blog! In an effort to make my reading/reviewing life a little more exciting for myself, I created a mini-list of 2016 resolutions.

Review more books!

No more pushing off reviews in order to read more books or watch more Netflix (or stuff my face with more french fries). Reviewing books helps others find books, and I definitely want to help others find books.

Read more historical romance!

I've been in a bit of a contemporary romance slump, and I've been recently mixing it up with paranormal romance and YA, which has been effective, but historical romance is the subgenre that introduced me to romance novels in general--so, I'd like to revisit something that I used to really love. Any suggestions?

Start(ed) a #bookstagram account on Instagram!!

I handle social media as a part of my day job, but recently got a helping hand on that front. Therefore, I have more time for my own social media profiles. Recently, I started following many amazing bookstagram accounts that inspire me. And I was just like, "These accounts are so cool! I want one!"

So...I started one on Saturday!! I would love it if you followed me @bridgetsbookbungalow (linked to on my sidebar).

❤️ Bridget