Review: Change of Plans by Mila Rossi

28693247Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, LLC. Release Date: 1/30/2016

Series: N/A

Pages: 110

Received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


I have very mixed feelings about this novella--as in my feelings toward these characters flip-flopped a bit. Do I like you or not? Yes, no, I don't know? You see, "Sarah Thompson is a twenty-five year old girl on a mission: go to her friend’s office party, find an attractive guy and lose her virginity. When she meets rough and rugged Jason Hendricks, she knows she’s found her one-night-stand."

I mean, I'm all for casual hookups, but the motivation behind Sarah's casual hookup felt weird. At first, it seemed like she had the "just get it over with mentality," and that kind of mentality rubs me slightly the wrong way. However, I suppose the situation fits Sarah's personality. She's a sweet girl who is also very smart and thinks very logically and methodically. But why did Sarah think that a friend's office party sounded like a good place to find a hookup partner?? I don't know about you, but that's probably the last place I would look, and maybe I'm missing something by thinking that, but I just don't see the "logic" behind this.

Anyways, this office party does end up being a successful pick up spot for Sarah. She meets Jason, a retired MMA fighter turned trainer (so HOT). And I thought their initial interaction was both cute and sexy.

“My plan is to have a good time,” she said, locking eyes with him. “What’s your plan?”

“To make sure your plan doesn’t fall through,” he said...

I was surprised by exactly how fast they headed to Jason's room to get it on (yes, I really just said "get it on"). When Sarah said she needed some air, I thought that they would really go outside to get some air and maybe attempt a conversation that would really hike up the sexual tension. Then they would go to get it on...It all just felt a bit rushed.

Now, I understood part of Jason's reaction when he found out that Sarah was a virgin, but I didn't understand it completely. I can imagine how big of a shock it would be to find out about Sarah's lack of experience in the heat of the moment--a definite mood killer. BUT that's no reason to act like a total A**HOLE. Thank goodness Sarah shows grit and spine at this point. She puts him in his place with a real zinger and continues to do so throughout the book, which I really liked. You tell him, Sarah! Go girl! Be a boss lady.

I may not fully understand Sarah's plan, but I appreciate the way she was written. She was independent, sassy, and not the typically perceived "clingy virgin." She went after what she wanted. Jason, on the other hand, drove me a bit nuts because he believed the whole "virgins are clingy/emotional" thing at first. Pretty archaic thinking if you ask me.

What brainiac looks for a one-night-stand?

He’d expected her to be more irrational he supposed. However virgins were supposed to act.

Since when did girls have such a casual outlook on sex?

*cringes* I literally wanted to slap or shake the sh*t out of him sometimes.

But good news! Jason eventually got his head out of his butt, and I actually started to like him. He even got really sappy towards the end, which may seem like too drastic of a change for some readers, but I really liked it.

I LOVED the secondary characters--especially Nick. Secondary characters are so important because they allow readers to see different sides of the main characters, and I really appreciate the fact that I was able to see different sides of Sarah and Jason when they were with their friends or family members.

Ultimately, I'd say that my feelings for this novella are still a little mixed up. Did I hate it? No. Did I love it? No. I simply liked it. It was a nice, quick read dealing with a common and relatable theme in a unique way.

WARNING: For those of you that try to avoid reads with strong language, this novella may not be for you.