Review: Wild Games by Mila Rossi

27973419 Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Release Date: 11/25/2015

Series: N/A

Pages: 113

Received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

When I was asked if I would read and review Wild Games by Mila Rossi, I was intrigued. Here is a contemporary romance with a premise different from many of the contemporary romances I have read. Becca Glover is a scientist, and she is eager to have the opportunity to explore plant life in Costa Rica. After years of hoping that she would have the chance to go on this trip with her colleagues at the university, she finally gets the chance. Only, what used to be seen as the dream trip quickly turns into a nightmare--at least in Becca's eyes.

As soon as Becca arrives, her ankle brushes a poisonous (at least I think it was somehow poisonous) plant, which then causes her ankle to swell massively. She's in pain and struggling to make her way to camp with the rest of the group. Matt, the man hired to safely lead the group of scientists through the Costa Rican jungle, is there to help Becca. But helping Becca isn't so easy when all the two can do is bicker at each other. The bickering and tension only gets worse when Becca and Matt find out that they have to be roommates for the duration of the trip.

So you see, the premise of this story really excited me. Here we have a bright female scientist and an angsty male in a unique jungle setting. What more could I ask for? I always love bickering that is a result of sexual tension, and these two definitely bicker and they definitely give off some sexual tension; however, this time around, I didn't feel like the bickering and sexual tension were related. I felt like they should have been related and that they could have been related if there was more of a background story. That was probably my biggest hurdle--the fact that the book lacked backstory, description, and reflection. But, there was plenty of great dialogue, and dialogue is always my favorite part of a book!

I honestly couldn't figure out why Becca and Matt were bickering right from the start. I mean, yeah, I'd be super mad to hurt my ankle at the start of my dream trip, but I didn't feel like that was a good enough reason for the continuous yelling. Also, Matt was grumpy from the start of the book, before he even met Becca, and I just don't understand why. The two need to work on their communication skills! They really said some mean things to each other that just made me go, "WHAT? WHY? RUDE." So, the very real sexual tension kind of came out of nowhere.

But not to worry, they had their awww moments as a couple. I loved when she complained about him not wearing a shirt because it was distracting, and I loved when Matt rescued Becca from the jungle (and I must say the rest of her scientist team really sucked at that moment!!). In fact, I wish there were more awww moments like these--more moments where they weren't bickering--moments where they enjoyed drinking from coconuts for more than one second.

So, my final thoughts are that even though I know Wild Games was more novella than novel, it felt a little rushed. The premise/ideas and first inklings of characters are there--so the bones are there. But the bones were missing some meat if you get what I'm saying with this disgusting metaphor...haha

Now, a HUGE thank you to Mila Rossi for allowing me to read Wild Games! I imagine it's not easy handing over the words of your heart and mind to a stranger. I look forward to reading more of your work! I think I'll check out Lost & Found next! ☺️