ARC Review: Falling for Her Enemy by Victoria James

26173418Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Bliss Imprint Release Date: 11/09/2015

Series: Still Harbor, #2

Pages: 147 pages

An ARC was provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When Victoria James writes a book, it's no surprise that I'm going to like it. But when she writes a book where the heroine is sitting on the floor stuffing her face with cupcakes when she first meets the hero? I'm going to more than like it. I'm going to LOVE it (foodie for life). Which it's a good thing I loved it because it would be a shame to be disappointed after that freaking cliffhanger at the end of the first book. Ahemmm. You can't just drop a bomb like THAT on a woman Matt!!!

We first met Alex in Falling for the PI. She's one of Kate's caring sisters, as well as the mother to six-year-old Cassy. The whole premise of Falling for Her Enemy is that Alex's family unit is being threatened. Threatened by the big shot business man Hayden Brooks.

You see, Hayden was approached by an alleged one-night stand from years ago who claimed to have given Hayden's daughter up for adoption--a daughter that Hayden never knew about. Being a man with strong morals--a man who likes to try and correct the mistakes of his past--Hayden immediately gets to work on searching for his daughter. *Cue the music of DOOM.* Turns out, Cassy may be Hayden's daughter, which means that Alex may lose the one person that means the most to her.

Well, take me on an emotional journey why don't ya? This one was tough because I could understand both characters' point-of-views.

Alex: Who is this guy to come in here, wave his money around, and take my baby from me?

Hayden: I have a daughter I wasn't even given the chance to be a father to, and as her biological father (potentially) I have rights.

But while I could understand their point-of-views, I couldn't always agree with the way they treated each other. But that's kind of the reality of a custody battle, right? It's messy and people act recklessly. So I can appreciate the realness of the situation even though what Hayden and Alex are going through isn't quite a custody battle. Besides, I couldn't dwell on their bad behavior for long. I mean, I would be tense waiting for a paternity test to happen, too. Three people's lives and fate could change any minute.

Also, you eventually get to watch these two characters grow in their own ways, but also with each other. I loved watching Hayden fall in love with Alex. I love that he can see how Alex is a good mother to Cassy--the best mother, a mother in all the ways that count. I love how Cassy wraps him around her little finger--exactly what should happen between a daughter and a father. And Cassy, you gotta love that spunky squirt! I love that Alex helps Hayden reconcile with his past (and vice versa). Alex and Cassy both help Hayden become a better man--a man that they can love without reservations.

And just so I can throw around the word "love" some more...I LOVED that the setting was Christmastime. That Christmas tree scene--priceless. The snowed-in at the creepy inn scene--MY GOD, I LOVE YOU. Readers can look forward to seeing more of Matt, Kate, and Janie, too. Their fist Christmas together is just adorable. Tis' the season to be really, really jolly! Someone get me some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, please!

As far as other secondary characters go, more is revealed about Kate and Alex's other sister, Cara. I'm pretty sure that her book is going to confuse me and hurt my heart. I'm not at all prepared for the final installment to rip out my heart and stomp it. and stomp it. and stomp on it some more. WHY DID YOU LEAVE, JACK?? WHY? I'm going to have the tissues ready, but I know it will be worth it in the end because I can already tell that the love between the two main characters is going to be powerful. Plus, Cara has her own daughter, and I'm a sucker for romances with cute children in them.

And in other news...a restaurant by me is now serving poutine (reference to the first installment, Falling for the PI)!! Can you say win? Cause that's a big win for me! #cravingscausedbycharacters

Take a chance on this series! Go ahead and yell at me if you regret it, but I will warn you that I will probably yell back. 😉