Romance in the news

So, I don't know how many of you have kept up with romance news this week, but the spotlight has been less than flattering. The romance novel community (authors in particular) has experienced a bad bout of plagiarism, and the plagiarism has not been taken seriously by mainstream media. Romance is just infinite jest (really, I thought we were moving past this???) to them. The entire situation is full of disrespect on many levels. Below, I am posting the links to the articles I have read on the subject (in the order I think they should be read), and I hope you read them, too. Let me know what you're thinking in the comments!

Donโ€™t Do This Ever (an advice column for writers): Plagiarism Warning edition

Gay-romance novelist accused of plagiarizing straight-romance novelist

No, romance novels are not all the same, but thanks for offering your uneducated, unsolicited opinion.

Plagiarism: The Pattern and the Response