Review: Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

13644052 Publisher: Entangled Teen, Entangled Publishing

Release Date: August 2013

Series: Lux #4

Pages: 400

I basically binge-read the first four books in the Lux series in four days. So, a book a day. They are THAT GOOD. Why did it take me so long to read this series?! I'm just starting the fifth and final book (Opposition) because I unfortunately had to wait a little while before purchasing it. But let's not talk about book number five, yet. Let's just talk about how OMFG Origin was SOO GOOD. Seriously, the best. Everything--and I mean EVERYTHING--went down. Okay, I'll cool it with the caps lock for a bit....

Now, I usually warn others to not read on if they have not read the first few books in the series (especially if the books follow the same characters like these books do), but I want you to read on! I promise to remain as spoiler-free as possible (strictly my reactions). I want you to read on because if you haven't read the series yet, then maybe my exciting and over-the-top (but not really) reactions will convince you to pick up and read the first book!

You can read the synopsis for Origin on Goodreads.

So when the book starts out I'm just like "Oh no, poor Katy!" And "Poor Daemon!" Katy is dealing with some scary-ass people (the Daedalus), and Daemon is dealing with the thought of Katy with those scary-ass people. He's blaming himself for her being there, and that just makes me "AWW."

Then Daemon goes and does the Daemon thing (which is a stupid but understandable thing), and he gets himself stuck with Katy. But at least they're back together, right? Such a sweet reunion!!

Also, it's probably important to mention that because of their initial separation, this book not only gives us Katy's POV, but Daemon's, too (that's an exciting first for the series!).

Anyways, when they're stuck with the Daedalus, Katy and Daemon meet Archer, and Archer got me like..."Uhhhh who/what are you??? Can I trust you??? I think I can trust you...?" They also learn what the Daedalus is really up, too. Can I just say that I'm not surprised, but I'm also like "Damn, you people are crazy. How the hell are Daemon and Katy going to stop you??"

The Daedalus' creation (Origins) has me confused. I'm like "Oh, Origins are terrifying because Daemon and Katy are terrified of them"--everyone is terrified of them--but I'm also like, "I think I like you and that you are kind of cute, no?"

Because Katy and Damon are Katy and Daemon, they escape and Archer goes with them (so it appears we can trust him, but can we be sure??). The trio unexpectedly reunites with Daemon's family, and it's all just a big, happy sob fest (totally not saying that sarcastically or with disapproval). And OMG KATY AND DAEMON. I can't believe what event you participated in, but I'm over the moon about it! So unexpected, but perfect.

It was all perfect until someone close to them betrays them. I--and you will be to--was like "WTF, how could you???! I hate you. You are an awful being."

And that ending! Oh man, that ending! Daemon and Katy are finally on the road to being happy, but then there is death. Lots of horrible death, and that leaves them not so happy. And Dawson and Beth's news? Is it good or bad news? I have mixed feelings about it, and only time will tell. The ending also showed me that, yes, the Daedalus are still crazy, but maybe not as crazy as I thought they were because something SERIOUS is about to go down, and Daemon and Katy may be spending some time apart again (not by choice). NOOOOOOO.

With that ending, is it any wonder that I'm chomping at the bit to start and finish the fifth and final book in the series? I'm just so ready for the HEA of all HEAs.

I apologize for the level of obnoxiousness with this review, but what can I say? I'm a fan!


Note: The single copy version of this book is no longer available in print. A print version of Origin can now be found in Lux: Consequences (books 3 & 4 combo).