Review: Driving Her Crazy by Kira Archer

driving her crazy Publisher: Lovestruck Imprint, Entangled Publishing

Release Date: 08/17/2015

Series: Crazy Love #1

Pages: 226

I love road trip stories. Two totally opposite individuals that don't get along being stuck in small spaces together? Yes, please! Bring on the banter and sexual tension...Anyways, it's no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed Driving Her Crazy by Kira Archer because it is the exact type of road trip story I love. The book starts off with Cher Debusshere, the supposed black sheep of her high-society family, waking up wayyyy late. Too late. The limo is set to arrive within the hour, and if she isn't packed and ready to go, she may miss her flight home and incur the wrath of her crazy mother. The thought of her mother is almost enough to cause Cher to skip out on her sister's wedding, but she forges ahead because doing that would only make her family life more unbearable.

Running late is just the tip of the iceberg. Cher is stopped by security, which causes her to miss her flight. Cue slight meltdown--especially when the attractive "married w/ kids" man she saw in the security line witnesses all of her bad luck. To make matters worse, the attractive "married w/ kids" man seems to be Cher's only ticket to salvation. But you know, a girl knows when to count her blessings. Cher is terrified of driving. So, when the man asks if she wants to ride with him, she can't refuse. They are traveling to the same destination (NYC), and he's married. What's the worst that could happen? Ummm...he could only KILL you. That could happen. But luckily for Cher and her naive thoughts, Nathaniel "Oz" Oserkowski is no murderer.

Oz isn't even married, actually. He's just a nice guy trying to help is sister and nephew live a comfortable life. He works three shitty paying jobs, but he finally has the chance to pursue his dream job--which is why he is heading to NYC. He has an interview with a magazine that will allow him to work remotely. Therefore, Oz has a lot on the line. So, it's a bit of a surprise to both him and Cher when he offers to take her to New York. He doesn't need the distraction, but there's just something about the gorgeous princess that makes her impossible to ignore.

Let the fun 16-ish hour car ride in bad weather begin!

Kira Archer does a great job of creating both a sweet and VA VA VOOM! romance between Cher and Oz. It was really fun to watch the relationship progress even if it did seem to progress pretty fast--especially considering the two seem to be at odds with each other most of the time. Oz definitely likes to drive Cher crazy! There is just a lot of unfair judgment going around, which makes for a tense situation. Although, I totally understand where the judgments were coming from. It makes sense that Cher thinks Oz is a pig because she thinks Oz is married--at least until it finally comes out that he isn't. Poor Cher was scolding herself internally for being insanely attracted to a married man! And you know, I understand why Oz thought Cher was a high maintenance princess. She was pretty much feeding that opinion, and I do have to say that I kind of agreed with that opinion, too. I found myself questioning how Cher was the black sheep of her family, but her thoughts eventually revealed the true Cher--the Cher that was afraid of sharing her true self with someone else.

Anyways, a lot of unexpected problems pop up on their road trip to NYC, and it was exciting to watch how each of them dealt with the problems. They definitely provided me with a good laugh a time or two, and the sexual tension was through the roof! I never had a hard time believing that there was chemistry between the two characters--even with all of the bickering--which made their fast progressing relationship more understandable. The secondary characters made me smile (except for Cher's god awful--and I mean GOD AWFUL parents!). The secondary characters don't play huge roles in this book, but it's clear that Ms. Archer was setting us up for the next novel in the series, Kissing Her Crazy, which will follow the relationship between Oz's sister (and nephew) and Cher's twin brother. I expect that novel to be a super cute romance! On a final note, I think Driving Her Crazy had one of the best endings I have read in a while. Oz, wow. His attitude about the unexpected outcome to the magazine job was a surprise but awesome. And Cher? You go girl! Kick some ass (figuratively)! I would have loved a seat at her sister's wedding reception. Ultimately, Oz is a winner. Cher is a winner. As readers, we are all winners!