Blog Update!

Hi, book nerd friends (said with love, I promise)! I just wanted to give you a quick little update and notify you that my review schedule has been pushed back by a day or two. I've still been tweaking some reviews from Write On Review-A-Thon, but the previously set schedule will resume on Saturday. So, you'll have some new reviews by then. In addition to all of that, you may have noticed that Bridget's Book Bungalow had a major makeover. No more blues and oranges (not that I have anything against those colors)! I just felt like I needed a change, and there are only so many options when you're too cheap to pay for something REALLY pretty. Anyways, I'm still tweaking aspects of the new look, and I hope you like the very unoriginal but clean and minimalist look.

Thanks a bunch!

Bridget ❤️