Review: Born in Shame by Nora Roberts

Born in Shame Publisher: Berkley Books, Penguin Publishing Group

Original Release Date: 01/01/1996

Series: Irish Born Trilogy #3

Pages: 371 (depending on the edition/version)

Winner winner chicken dinner! My review of Born in Shame, the third and final book in the Irish Born Trilogy by Nora Roberts, is finally here! Be sure to check out the reviews for book one and book two before you get any further...because one of the main characters in this book is a major spoiler if you haven't read the other two books, yet!

This is my last WARNING before you read on!

Seriously!! Last chance!

In Born in Shame, Shannon Bodine travels from the Big Apple to County Clare, Ireland--the home of the Concannon sisters and their families. The decision to visit County Clare was not an easy one for Shannon. Right before Shannon's mother died, she dropped some major news on Shannon's shoulders. You know, the kind of news where it's like "Your Dad is still your Dad, but Tom Conconnan is your biological father." YEP. THAT'S RIGHT. Maggie and Brianna are Shannon's half-sisters!! Talk about one's life being turned upside down! With the mega father news, Shannon feels like she doesn't have an identity anymore. She's angry, hurt, and confused to learn that the man she has loved as a father for the past thirty or so years of her life is not actually her father. Both her mom and adoptive dad lied to her.

And what's the cherry on top of Shannon's messy ice cream sundae? The private investigator hired by the Concannons arrives on her doorstep alerting her to the fact that not only is the father she never knew dead, but she has two half-sisters close to her age that want to meet her. And Shannon really has no desire to travel to Ireland and meet them. Nor does she want to leave her job at the New York ad agency since she is up for a huge promotion. But that whole lost identity thing and her late mother's last wish is what drives her to take some vacation time and visit Ireland in the hopes of finding herself again.

Brianna is over-joyed that Shannon comes to stay at her B&B, and Maggie is weary of the big bad New Yorker since has the potential to really hurt Brianna's feelings by being standoffish. Shannon has no intention of becoming apart of this new family, but the longer she stays there, the harder it is to pretend that she doesn't care for them. And she especially starts to care for the Concannon's neighbor and friend Murphy Muldoon.

I almost died when Murphy saw Shannon for the first time. It was so funny, and he was being such a dork--a really endearing dork! And Shannon was just kind of like uhhhh. But after the whole awkward first impression, you begin to see that Shannon and Murphy have a connection that runs deep--like years in the making, there's magic behind it deep. This book is very different from the first two in that way. Magic, myths, and legends weren't such a blatant theme in the past. But it's definitely a Nora Roberts theme if you know her Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy.

Murphy is a handsome and patient man, while Shannon is a beautiful and stubborn woman--just like Maggie. It's funny to see how alike Maggie and Shannon are. They're both as stubborn as mules, and they're both passionate artists. But rather than glass art, Shannon is an extraordinary painter. I enjoyed seeing the relationship grow from weary to understanding and even caring. I think the change in feelings was due to the fact that Shannon told off the cold-hearted Maeve Concannon, and Maeve actually listened when she did. By the end of the trilogy, you really do feel kind of bad for Maeve and start to like her, which is surprising. It's clear that she at least loves her grandchildren.

So, Born in Shame is my favorite of the three books. But I shall clarify and say that Born in Shame may be my favorite book, but Brianna and Gray (from book two) are my favorite couple. And the ultimate reason Born in Shame is my favorite is because I get to see more of Maggie and Rogan and Brianna and Gray with their kids. Maggie's little Liam is ridiculously cute--especially when he interacts with Uncle Gray and Uncle Murphy! Gray's awe over his new wife and little baby girl is just too cute, too.

Now, I highly recommend this trilogy. My reviews could never do it justice. Nora Roberts just has a way with words and romance, and you should observe that for yourself!