Review: Not So New in Town by Michele Summers

Not So New in Town Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: 07/07/2015

Series: Harmony Homecomings #2

Pages: 384

I didn't know what to expect when my greedy little sausage fingers grabbed Not So New in Town at BEA 2015, but I'm happy to say that Michele Summers has written a book that is right up my alley!

Not So New in Town is the second book in the Harmony Homecomings series, but I read it as a standalone. Some people may think that reading it as a standalone skews my judgment of the book, but I say that it doesn't because I freaking LOVED the book! And you know, Not So New in Town is one of those books set in the same town as the first book, but the story follows different people--so I didn't feel extremely lost when reading. Not to worry, though! If you have read the first book, know that there are satisfying glimpses of the beloved Keith and Bertie from book one.

Anyways, why was Not So New in Town right up my alley? Good question! Because normally, I'm not the biggest fan of friends to lovers stories--and essentially, that's what this story is. You see, Lucy Doolan skipped town about 10 years ago to get away from an impossible crush and a scary stepsister, but after an extremely unfortunate situation with her ex "Tony the Tiger," Lucy returns to her hometown of Harmony, North Carolina. But it's not just about running from her messy life. She's returning home to help the previously mentioned scary stepsister (Julia) by taking care of her 14-year-old nephew (Parker) while Julia is bed-ridden for her final month of pregnancy.

The trip back home starts off on the worst foot possible because Lucy runs into her long-time crush Brogan Reese, who also happens to be Julia's ex-boyfriend and rumored baby daddy. Lucy hates to admit it, but being around Brogan still gives her all kinds of butterflies. And Brogan--Brogan can't believe his eyes. Little Lucy Doolan is back in Harmony, and she's gorgeous and all grown up. Lucy and Brogan had a quiet, cute, and special sort of friendship (even though certain people like to think that Brogan never noticed her in high school) when they were young, but now the rules have changed and friendship is the last thing on either of their minds. They set out to prove a lot to themselves, each other, and the town--for instance, it must be proved that Brogan is not Julia's baby daddy (that would just be messed up)! But who the true baby daddies (that's right, PLURAL) are shall remain a secret so your jaw can drop as low as mine did in surprise!

I really liked Lucy because she's a little quirky and over-the-top. Occasionally, she says things like "Oh, jelly bellies, no" or "You go, bro man" to herself. I dig the crazy in her. Also, I enjoy her "evil" ways. For example, when she's helping Brogan to market his business, she basically serves him up on platter to the sex-starved women in town. HAH! Lucy's BFF, the scantily clad Wanda, and her pet pig, Fiona, are a riot, too. But what's really special is the growing relationship between Lucy, Julia, and Parker. They really become a somewhat functional family by the end, and it's all with the help of Brogan. He sets a great example for Parker--even if he does royally screw up with Lucy at one point (admittedly, he has some complicated issues to work out). Good thing Wanda and Julia are there to give Brogan a big kick in the ass!

Overall, I love the undeniable chemistry between Lucy and Brogan, I love the family element of this novel, and I love the humor. You should check it out, and let me know what you think! I'm definitely going back to pick up the first book. Okay, rambling review over.