Swoon Thursday (2)

Swoon Thursday

Swoon Thursday is a fun, sexy meme hosted by the girls over at YA Bound, where we share which quote(s) from our recent read(s) made us swoon – what got our hearts pounding, our skin tingling, and our stomachs fluttering.


I have read about a quarter of Beatriz Williams' Overseas, and I'm already swooning so hard over Julian. He is still a mystery at this point, but God, am I addicted! Overseas is a blend of the best of the best--war, wit, charm, romance.

"Oh, look at you, darling. Staring into me with those great silver eyes of yours, reading my soul. I shouldn't be here with you, the most reckless self-indulgence, and yet, I can't seem to bloody well help it anymore." He stopped and looked down. "And I can't forgive myself for that," he murmured, as if to himself; then he looked back up, holding my eyes, and said fiercely, "But I can at least give this to you, Kate: There is no one else for me. There will be no one else."

I may not be done with the novel quite yet, but trust me, this international bestseller is one you won't want to miss out on. A love that travels across time and space has no competition.