Review: Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

iaPublisher: Kensington Release Date: 10/02/2012

Series: Wilder series #1

Pages: 320

Jill Shalvis is Seriously. She's one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. So, it should come as no surprise that I found Instant Attraction a great introduction to the Wilder series. Who can resist hot mountain men that are hard and rugged on the outside but nice and squishy on the inside? Not me, that's for sure!

The Wilder series follows the three Wilder brothers (Cam, Stone, and TJ) who own a professional adventure business in Wishful, California, which means that they take clients skiing, mountain biking, rafting, etc. They're true men's men--well, mostly.

Instant Attraction is Cam Wilder's story. Cam went through a life-changing accident, and it really messed with his head. He had left Wishful and was just wandering aimlessly trying to find himself again, trying to be happy again, and after a year, he ended up right back in Wishful where he found a woman sleeping in his bed. This woman was the used-to-be Accountant Katie Kramer. Now she is the Wilder's temporary receptionist and looking to live life "balls out" after her own traumatic experience.

Living life "balls out" is something I can get behind! Anyways, Katie and Cam make a deal where their relationship is only temporary because they are both planning on leaving the lodge. They think they will just be using each other's bodies to escape the pain of the past and then call it a day, but us romance readers know that's never how it turns out! Of course their hearts get involved--it just takes a little while for them to realize that.

Honestly, it was a little frustrating how long it took for Cam to pull his head out from his ass. Enough with the self-pity Cam! You didn't die and neither did the world--am I being too harsh? Maybe. I mean, it wasn't really all Cam's fault. His family members were true enablers of his self-pitying behavior because they were afraid of him running off again. But really, he needed a good kick in the rear, which is what made Katie so great. Katie didn't take Cam's crap.

So Katie's kickass attitude is a plus, and in addition to that, Jill Shalvis' humor is spot on! Brothers that tease each other in front of girls they are trying to impress are just too cute. I have complete confidence that this series is only going to get better as I continue reading it (all three books are available for purchase now). Definitely consider picking up a copy for yourself!