Review: Rushing Amy by Julie Brannagh

Rushing Amy

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Release Date: 02/25/2014

Series: Love and Football Series #2

Pages: 448

So this is book two in a series that I recently (and I use this term loosely) reviewed, and I had told you to give this series a chance. Do I still stand by that? YES. What Blitzing Emily lacked, Rushing Amy possessed. But let's back up a minute.

When I first met Amy in book one, I saw her as the quirky younger sister with good intentions. This definitely holds up in book two. However, you learn that she is more than that. She is strong, yet vulnerable. You first see her vulnerable side at her sister Emily's wedding reception.

Amy is feeling less than spectacular at the open bar when the slightly arrogant, ex-NFL player Matt Stephens walks in. The pull of attraction is strong, but their stubbornness makes it hard for them to even acknowledge their chemistry. Well, it's mostly Amy who is hesitant. Matt, on the other hand, is at a point in his life where he is ready to find someone to share his life with. Most importantly, he wants to share it with someone that sees the man rather than the celebrity, and he feels like Amy is that person for him. Amy is busying running a business, though. Her flower shop requires all of her attention, and she feels that she doesn't need the distraction of a man-especially when she's had her heart broken too many times for her liking- but this just makes Matt more determined to get that first date with her.

Anyways, I found myself enjoying Rushing Amy quite a lot more than the previous book. It was like "YES! these adult characters really act like adults!" Even Matt's 14-year-old daughter who is from another relationship is mature when she needs to be. In fact, I love Samantha and her mother because they embrace Amy, and are happy as long as Matt is happy. Brannagh made a genius decision when she didn't cast them as villains who are against the main characters' relationship because that gets old really fast.

Now that I have touched on the dynamic between all characters, let's talk some more about Matt and Amy. We all know they're the ones you really care to know about anyway! (;

I won't say too much, but just to give you an idea of what you are in for...

That first night at the open bar, Amy gives Matt a fake name. The first thing that comes to mind? "Fifi". They both know she is lying, but they don't point it out. Of course he finds out her real name, but Fifi never goes away. It actually ends up becoming a term of endearment for her and kind of an inside joke. Matt always says it with a smile and a teasing glint in his eyes, too. At least, that's how I imagine he says it since the author's uses such great imagery! If that doesn't promise a cute story, picture Matt sending numerous flower arrangements from Amy's shop to numerous girls just to make Amy jealous. That may sound like a turn off to some of you, but when you find out who these numerous women are, you are going to love it!

Rushing Amy is a step up from Blitzing Emily. It isn't just about Amy and Matt, but it's about their family and friends, too. The flow of the book is just as it should be, and all of the characters are truly likeable and realistic sounding. If you decide to read this series, know that the first three installments are out, and there are three more on the way. I imagine each one will be better than the last!