Romantic Series or Stand Alones?


A few weeks ago, I came across a tweet from Bliss Books (an imprint of Entangled Publishing) asking what readers preferred: a romantic series or romantic stand alones? It got me thinking, what do I prefer? I think this mostly depends on how we define a romantic series.

Is a romantic series something like a trilogy about the same couple? Or is a romantic series something like each family member gets their own book? Or would you consider those both romantic series?

I guess I would consider both types romantic series, but I definitely prefer the one where each family member gets their own book. A romantic series where it is about the same couple in each book just frustrates me! I don't like having to wait months or years for them to finally get their HEA! I am very impatient when it comes to HEAs. I mean like I told you, I read the endings first sometimes because I can't wait that long for the HEA. It just emotionally drains me to see a couple struggle so much. That's why I love romantic series about families! For instance, there is Nora Robert's Stanislaski series and MacKade Brothers series or Shannon Stacey's Kowalski series (Check them all out ASAP). Each book in the series is about a different family member, and I love it because each gets their own HEA in one novel, and we still get to hear about their relationship in the other novels, too. I love hearing that a couple is now married, getting married, or having kids! It makes the HEA never end, and who doesn't want that?

Anyways, stand alones are nice, too. I wouldn't say that I like them better than the romantic series, but family romantic series sometimes frustrates me, too. I mean, the author gives me an excerpt for the next brother's book at the end of one book, but then I don't get it for another 3 months at least! Not cool. So sometimes its nice to break away from that and read a book where a couple's story begins and ends with that. It must always have an epilogue though! Like I said, I like to see couples get married and have babies. You should check out some of the romances Bliss Books has to offer! They have the best of both worlds-series and stand alones.

So what defines a romance series for you? And which do you prefer?