OMG, OMG! Which Book Do I Read Next?

Umbrella BooksHello, my little book lovers! So do you ever spend an agonizing amount of hours looking at books trying to pick out a new one to read? I definitely do. Sometimes I end up falling asleep before I find one that speaks to me. I mean, you don't want to end up with a total bust of a book! So what makes you finally decide to get a book? What's you're decision process? My process is pretty simple, and I am guessing yours is probably pretty similar.

1. Look at the covers.

The cover is the first thing I see when I look at a book. Bold colors and cute pictures attract me (It has to have a picture!) Most of the books I have feature people on the covers, and I like that because most times they match the descriptions of the characters in the book. I like to be able to picture the characters in my mind and this makes it easier. I immediately check out any covers with guys with tattoos because umm...hello...tattoos are hot (done right, anyways!) Looking through my nook, I notice that a lot of the covers are almost kisses or embraces between a man and I guess I like that! Also, any covers that have a cute pup on it is an automatic buy. Kristan Higgins novels have some great covers with adorable dogs, and they are always great books to read.

2. Read the title.

Okay, so if the cover attracts me, the title really makes me drool. Like the other day I read Isn't She Lovely by Lauren Layne and come on! Who doesn't love that title?! It's sweet Stevie Wonder, baby! Anything emotional sounding sucks me in, too. I am a sucker for an intense romance. For example, I like the title: The Edge of Never (By J. A Redmerski. I highly suggest you check out the series!). I can never go wrong with a book that has a humorous title either. Funny is ALWAYS good.

3. Read the reviews.

Now, I either listen to the reviews or say to hell with the reviews! I'm weird and actually like when people spoil some things for me in the reviews because if something happens that is absolutely going to piss me off (such as cheating)...I am not going to read it. I like books that make me feel happy. But sometimes, I have to say "Just get it anyway, Bridget" because the synopsis sounds so good and some people have way higher standards than me. And as if I can't say it enough, any time a review says the book was laugh-out-loud funny, I get it.

After re-reading all of this, it may not seem that simple of a process. I mean my mind can process all of this in about two minutes, but it is a lot going on, and I am not as picky as I thought apparently since I like books that are cute, funny, hot, emotional, etc. So what makes you decide to get a book? Or what makes you decide NOT to get a book?