Bad Reading Habits

bad reading habitsI want all of you guys to feel like you know me, and in order to really know me, you need to know the good and the bad. Particularly, you should know some of my bad book habits! I'm not sure if I should really sound so excited about that though...LOL. Anyways, there are probably only two really bad habits I have when I read, but you should know that I don't always take part in these bad habits.

1. I read the ending first.

Go ahead, you can say it. HOW DARE YOU, BRIDGET??! I know. It's a sin not to be taken lightly by my fellow book lovers. But you know, sometimes I just have to know what happens! Some synopsis are just that good! For example, Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak revolves around a "terrible night fifteen years ago". Like hello??? It's practically begging me to read the ending first! What was so terrible that happened? It's a romance can the two leads get past whatever this terrible thing is? I can't stand when something just hangs over a relationship for forever. I want my happily ever after (HEA for future reference)! So anyways, I read the ending first and then read the beginning and middle. Don't follow my example! Read it from beginning to end because it is a very good book! There are some books where I wish I read the ending first! The He's So/She's So trilogy by Kieran Scott (Sorry Ms. Scott!) comes to mind. Particularly the second one! Ummm...oh no you didn't Jake!! Seriously, I get emotionally involved in my books (It's hard not to!) and that ending made me so mad I haven't read the last one yet, and I probably never will! Is that too harsh?

2. I skip over text to get to dialogue.

You do this, too, don't you? I can't help it! Dialogue is my favorite part of a book. I especially love the flirty, witty, and just plain hilarious dialogue between two characters. I mean who wants to read...blah blah blah. I want to read sweet words and stubbornness. But don't get me wrong, I usually go back and read what I skipped at some point...mostly when I realize I missed something important haha. And some text is good, especially when you are in a characters head. I can't wait for The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead to come out so I can finally get in Adrian's head! I bet he is thinking such cute thoughts about Sydney!

But seriously guys, I don't ALWAYS participate in these bad habits. Most authors' work is really, really good! There are hundreds of books on my nook that prove that. Anywho, do you have any bad reading habits? I'd like to know if you want to share!